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We are here to unlock your digital business potential.

Token is a full-stack, all-in-one Digital Marketing Agency.

We have in-house specialists for every online marketing need you have: advertising, e-mail, SEO, content, social media, brand strategies, and anything bespoke you desire.

We're a friendly bunch, and truly enjoy building lasting relationships with our clients. We become an extension of your business, here for you whenever you need us.


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Social Media & PPC

If you're not advertising on social, you're not reaching your full potential audience.


Social Media Advertising is a key part of every digital marketing strategy, enabling you to reach potential customers where they (on average) spend over 2 hours each day.


The PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising model means you only pay when someone clicks on your advert, so budget is used to its maximum. This model can also be applied to Google Ads, as well as other Search Engines.


Full Brand Development

A start to finish Brand Development Strategy means your customers know exactly who you are.


There's no ambiguity about what you sell or, more importantly, why you sell it. Aligning all aspects of your brand ensures that you get a consistent brand message to your customers.


Brand Development Strategies involves everything from persona creation to brand messaging, clear photography to targeted audience definition. A full Brand Strategy is the key to every successful business.


Social Media Account

Social Media Account Management allows you to keep your audience on social engaged.


Social is where you interact with your customers. It's a 2-way communication channel and enables your customers to become your brand advocates in their own social groups.


Having consistent and regular social media gains your brand more trust and reliability in the eyes of customers, new and old. Social Media enables your customers to tell other potential customers about you.


E-mail Marketing

77% of E-mail ROI comes from well-timed, targeted, and triggered campaigns.


E-mail marketing is one of the best marketing channels to get you an ROI - it's cheap, quick, powerful, and your e-mails are going straight to already-warm leads.


Abandoned cart e-mails, Google review campaigns to past customers, product updates, industry news, and company behind-the-scenes are just some of the campaigns that can really engage your audiences.


SEO & SEM Website

There are an estimated 5.5 billion Google searches each day in 2019. You should be part of that.


The first page of Google is the best place to be as a business. Potential customers searching on there already have the intent to purchase that will turn them into customers.


Mobile-first websites, meeting the searchers' intents with your website copy, and choosing the keywords that are right for you are just some of the important SEO factors in 2019 and beyond.


Content Creation & Blog

Be knowledgeable and engaging with your content to encourage potential customers to come to you.


Content Creation & Blog Writing is the perfect channel to get your brand voice and message across, while positioning yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.


Content comes in many forms - blogs, videos, images, infographics - and can be shared across many popular platforms - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your website - to convey your brand message consistently.


Alex Girardi

The ads, The SEO, and the data guy.

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Jordan Snider

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Social isn't an obsession, it's a passion.


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