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How-Tos, advice, and opinion pieces on everything marketing, web design, digital strategy, and more.

Token’s Blog!

How-Tos, advice, and opinion pieces on everything marketing, web design, digital strategy, and more.

Increase Leads with PPC Advertising

How To Increase Your Lead Volume With PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is the most tangible and transparent method of lead generation. It shows quick results, with a directly attributable ROI, and scales incredibly easily after initial set up. If you’ve heard of PPC advertising and don’t know where to start, or you simply need some tips to optimise your account, you’ve come to the right place!

What Is Branding Consistency, And Why Is It So Important?

You have heard the importance of staying consistent in your business, but why? Branding consistency has been in our lives for many years. We respond strongly to similarity within brands. Companies like Apple or McDonalds have been influencing us with clean and modern design and nostalgia of growing up with such a famous fast-food chain.

7 Business Automations To Increase Your Company’s Productivity

The name automation can scare off a lot of people. Assuming the worst - they fear automation is only for the technical, computer-minded people with knowledge in how to program computers. But tools and technologies have come a long way in the last decade. The big scary world of “automation” has taken on a new meaning. Today business automation is far more accessible and can be found in the form of tools, processes or even specialized services designed to save time.

What are buyer personas?

Do you know who your business is targeting? I am not talking about core groups or millennials versus baby boomers, I am talking about getting really personal. In order to be sure that you are targeting the right people you must personalize your targeting efforts. I am talking about creating buyer personas. So, why do you care about this, well a well-crafted buyer persona allows you to personalize your marketing messages down to the customer’s behaviour patterns, motivations and goals.

Hubspot CMS vs WordPress

Currently there is a wide variety of tools and solutions available to produce content on the internet. These include out-of-the-box solutions that require zero coding or technical expertise and span all the way to fully custom coded dynamic solutions. Many of the top competitors in this space have found a happy medium that allows new users a friendly and easy to navigate environment while enabling power users to push the limits of what is possible.

How Influencer Marketing increases your social media awareness [Infographic]

Influencer marketing is a growing trend in digital marketing world. Brands are investing heavily on Influencer marketing as the results are better than other marketing tactics. We are going to tell you why it is so popular and how it can increase your social media awareness.

How To Monitor Your Business’ Social Media (In 10 Minutes)

Responding to people talking about your brand on social media is a must. People expect excellent customer service, and social media gives you the perfect platform to provide it. It will change and shape how people perceive and speak about your brand. Social media management isn’t easy. Companies often take a ‘set it and forget it’ approach, but you’ll find that the most successful companies have dedicated social media platform managers. It takes time. But what if you don’t have that time to give?

The 13 Step Plan For Creating A Content Strategy

Having a well-oiled machine that consistently brings traffic to your website is the dream. And not just any traffic - free traffic. Producing content that regularly attracts and engages potential clients is what we call inbound marketing. They are coming to you, rather than you finding them. Answering peoples' questions, solving their problems, and being there for them at the right time are all important parts of creating a successful content strategy.